Welcome to the Marketing PhD reading group!

On this site, you will find information about the reading group, its goals, participants, meeting times, and other pertinent information.


Note that this concept is very much a work in progress. So changes are to be expected.

What? 1

The purpose of the reading group is to create a collegial environment among PhD students and to expand their perspectives on research. We will plan to meet every 3 weeks at an previously agreed time and discuss one (maybe two) papers. We will occasionally invite guest speakers to lead discussions and share their experiences (and advice) on the review process/job market/etc.

My hope for this is to create a safe space/forum for students to interact and talk about their experience. The ultimate goal is for this to become a student-run initiative and a forum where students can help each other through the PhD process.

What can you get out of this?

This forum is really what you make of it. It can only be as good as what the group wants it be. I am extremely malleable and would love to hear what you would like to add/subtract. That said, here are some positives that you can take from this reading group.

  1. Get into the practice of reading research papers

  2. Learn how to be a good discussant and (hopefully) learn to write reviews 2

  3. Meet authors of various articles and learn from them. Perhaps build your own networks in the process.

  4. Get open and constructive feedback on your own papers (this is especially true for JMPs). Please share your working papers. We want to read them, and help YOU. 3


  1. Inspired by the “Open Minds” concept by Anita Pansari and Brianna Choi.↩︎

  2. As we get into the rhythm of reading papers, we will also practice writing review. More on this later.↩︎

  3. If you are or are planning to go on the Job Market in the near-term, please email me. I will try to incorporate your working paper into the discussion. You can also present the paper to the group, and get informal feedback.↩︎