Announcements and Schedule

Spring 2024

Meeting times: Thursday at 1:45 pm

Date Paper Discussant Reviewer
Feb 8 Ishihara, Kim, and Kumakura (2023) Peter Chae Guangqi Dong
Feb 29 Faraji-Rad, Tamaddoni, and Jebeli (2024) Sang A Lee Hans Wang
Mar 21 Cheon et al. (2021) Wenqian Ni Sang A Lee
Apr 18 Huang, Kaul, and Narayanan (2023) Hans Wang Philip Kim
May 2 Guo (2020) Guangqi Dong Peter Chae

Fall 2023

Meeting times: Mondays at 4 pm


Sep 11


Kickoff meeting (First ‘get-to-know-you’ meeting with all PhD students; Nominate papers for Fall)

Sep 25

Paper: Srivastava, Kashmiri, and Mahajan (2023)

Discussant: Deb Roy

Oct 09

Paper: Zhang et al. (2022)

Discussant: Peter Chae

Oct 23

Paper: Rifkin, Du, and Cutright (2023)

Discussant: Sang A Lee

Nov 06

Paper: Cao and Zhang (2021)

Discussant: Guangqi Dong

Dec 04

Paper: Matthe, Ringel, and Skiera (2023)-title withheld.

Discussant: Hans Wang

Summer 2023

Meeting times: 11 am on 2nd Fridays of each month

Date Paper
May 5 Kickoff meeting (First ‘get-to-know-you’ meeting with all PhD students; Nominate papers for summer)
May 12 Fong, Guo, and Rao (2022) - Discussant: Meng Ji ; Giannetti and Srinivasan (2022) - Discussant: Hans Wang
June 16 Jo et al. (2020) - Discussant: Peter Chae
July 14 Iyengar, Park, and Yu (2022) - Discussant: Wenqian Ni
August 11 Chung et al. (2023) - Discussant: Keziah Kim


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