How does this work?

Meeting details

  • We will meet at least once a month at pre-determined time that works for all.

  • Meeting length: typically 1 hr (may go to 1hr 15 min). We will discuss two papers each session – 30 minutes each.

  • Each meeting will have a discussion leader (the “discussant”) who will lead the paper discussion. The discussant will open with a summary of the paper (you can use slides/board/anything).


The discussant (student leader for each class) will choose one paper that they would like for the class to discuss. The forum is open to ALL of marketing sub-domains – Strategy, CB, or Quant and is not restricted to any specific journals. Preferably, I would like for us to focus on papers published in premier marketing outlets such as JMR, JCR, JM, MKSC, MNSC, JCP. 1 The paper needs to be published in the last five years.


We will plan to bring in guest speakers 2 whose papers are on our discussion platter for the week. I will work with the discussant to arrange this, although the coordination and networking will be done by the discussant. This is a very useful opportunity to you to network with up and coming scholars in our field. Name/face recognition go a long way in the job market. Who knows, maybe some collaboration opportunities may present themselves too!


  1. If there is an article that you would like to discuss that isnt from this list, we will more than happy to make exceptions. My only request: please email me the article in advance.↩︎

  2. Via Zoom or (if budget allows) in person.↩︎